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iheiddown 0.9.3

CRAN release: 2022-05-13

Package updates:

  • bibstats functions no longer force print
  • count_words() test skipped on Linux

iheiddown 0.9.2

CRAN release: 2022-05-06

Package updates:

  • Fixed case-sensitive path extension for Linux checks in various vignettes
  • Fixed various issues in the pushrelease workflow
    • Release action was fixed by updating tag creation action
    • Setup-R action was updated to v2
    • Installing XQuartz dependency for macOS runner building the website since the latest version of pdftools requires it
  • Packages used in GitHub Actions were moved to Suggests in DESCRIPTION

iheiddown 0.9.1

Package updates:

  • Fixed invalid URLs mentioned in the CRAN comments
  • Fixed case-sensitive path extension for Linux checks in poster vignette
  • Switched to a newer “release action” since the old one has recently been archived and is no longer maintained.

iheiddown 0.9.0

Package updates:

  • Closed #118 by commenting out function relying on problematic bib2df dependency
  • Closed #119 by updating the Geneva Graduate Institute’s logos
  • Switched references to the old name of the Geneva Graduate Institute to the new one
  • Closed #117 by adding small caps support to all templates.


  • Closed #30 by adding font-scaling relative to parent container for the presentation template


  • Closed #73 by adding a three poster templates from the posterdown package with an IHEID look.


  • Updated pkgdown website to Bootstrap 5 theme and added search functionality
  • Added a vignette explaining how to create IHEID themed posters

iheiddown 0.8.6

CRAN release: 2021-11-17

iheiddown 0.8.5

Minor fixes

  • Fixed workflow issue in README rendering job and Website rendering job
  • Fixed CRAN flagged issues:
    • Invalid link in README
    • Path issues to images used in the problem set vignette

iheiddown 0.8.4

Changed the website theme:

  • Added a new CSS theme to the website
  • Closed #107 By fixing the rendering issues of the website

Other minor fixes:

  • Closed #108 by adding a table of contents to the README
  • Closed #111 fixed {genderdata} dependency issue by relying on a different source for name comparisons
  • Closed #109 by adding an extended printing function
  • Closed #110 by adding missing logos and creating a table listing available logos and their selectors on the presentation vignette.


  • Added a second word count function, count_words2(), that obtains a more accurate word count estimate from the compiled PDF

iheiddown 0.8.3

Problem set template


  • Closed #76 by adding an option for line numbering for thesis output when the draft option is set to true


  • Fixed #90 by solving the remaining issues of the package website deployment workflow
  • Closed #91 by removing unnecessary package dependencies following CRAN notes
  • Closed #93 by adding bibliography statistics family of functions
    • percent_female() displays the percentage of female authors in a .bib file
    • mean_year() displays the mean of the publication year of the items in a given .bib file
    • mean_pages() displays the mean of the page length of the items in a given .bib file
    • total_pages() displays the total number of pages of all items in a given .bib file

iheiddown 0.8.2

CRAN release: 2021-06-24

  • This release attends to the changes requested by CRAN:
    • value tags have been added for advdate, bookdown_profile, count_words, preview, and theme_iheid.
    • a running example has been added to count_words.Rd.

iheiddown 0.8.1


  • Closed #56 by adding xaringan_columns JS macro for presentation
  • Closed #70 by implementing progressive slides that highlight the last item
  • Closed #57 by allowing users to add installed or remote logos on their slides
  • Closed #69 By rewriting the theme_iheid() function based on hrbrthemes structure
  • Closed #74 by implementing citations with RefManageR
  • Closed #77 by adding square on/off section elements
  • Closed #80 by adding the ninjutsu CSS slide slicing tools for better positioning
  • Closed #79 by removing hidden dependencies in the presentation vignette
  • Closed #75 by adding slide animations from the animate.css library


  • Closed #54 by adding tutorial vignettes to get users started with each template (syllabus, thesis, presentation)


  • Closed #78 by reducing subdirectory size for CRAN submission
  • Closed #68 by fixing the error message indicating that the output format was not of class rmarkdown_output_format
  • Closed #84 by adding input argument to chapter_pdf() function
  • Closed #81 by adding initial count_words() function
  • Closed #60 by expanding automatic rendering script for syllabi and presentation templates

iheiddown 0.8.0



  • Closed #27 with a new selection of fonts for thesis: Helvetica, Droid Serif, Lucida Console
  • Closed #53 by saving all Markdown files with the WINDOWS-1252 default encoding
    • Please use WINDOWS-1252 as the default encoding on Windows machines instead of Unicode
  • Closed #55 by adding thesis pdf artifacts automatically to each release via a new _render.R file (included in the buildignore)

iheiddown 0.7.4


  • Updated README to inform users that new theses must be named “00-ProjectTitle” to avoid issues when merging Rmd files together
  • Closed #39 by adding the ggplot2 theme theme_iheid()
    • Fixed #50 by adding tests for theme_iheid()


  • Closed #32 by changing lorem ipsum to LOTR references
  • Fixed #49 by changing the “title” macro to “doctitle” to avoid an issue with Pandoc conversion to Latex on MacOS
  • Fixed #47 by tweaking the draft macro to display page numbers properly when activated
  • Fixed #42 where the chapter_pdf() function displayed placeholder text and headers for other unpreviewed chapters when knitting
  • Closed #26 by adding an automatic package citations function to the thesis template.
    • Fixed #45 by changing the bibliography management tool to {biblatex} and implemented a series of macros in the YAML header of the index file
  • Closed #46 by adding an appendix example that can include all the code from chapter code chunks


  • Closed #32 by changing lorem ipsum to LOTR references.

iheiddown 0.7.3


  • Fixed #38 by adding iheid_palettes and iheid_palette() for accessing IHEID and SDG color palettes


  • Closed #22 by adding example of how to create a Gantt plot including call to iheid_palette()

iheiddown 0.7.2


  • Closed #28 by adding more details to filenames
    • Added author details to thesis_pdf() output
    • Added author details to chapter_pdf() output
    • Added chapter details to chapter_pdf() output
  • Paused minitoc
    • thesis_pdf() and chapter_pdf() clean up *.maf and *.mtc files afterward
  • chapter_pdf() now exports to versions/
    • Closed #33 as chapter_pdf() prints chapter abstract and chapter table of contents
    • Added manual \setcounter{} to example chapters
  • Fixed #34 cslreferences bug in thesis_pdf() and chapter_pdf()
  • Replaced deprecated \over use in equations in chapter 3 example with \frac{}{}


  • Release individual packages
  • More colourful load
  • Fixed citr dependency

iheiddown 0.7.1


  • Rescaled citr image in chapter 2 of template
  • Added {Equatiomatic} option to chapter 3 of thesis template
  • Added IHEIDThesisExample.pdf for demonstration purposes


  • Updated README
  • Added info on load

iheiddown 0.7.0


  • Added chapter_pdf() knit function for previewing chapters (closes #19)
  • Added bookdown_profile addin for RStudio to improve access to the bookdown profile
  • Overhaul of chapter 4 of skeleton:
    • More detail and figure on code chunks
    • More detail on including external graphics
    • More detail on loading, exploring, and summarising data
    • Added detail on presenting tables of inferential results (closes #18)


  • Added ‘geneva-syllabus.csl’ to support in-text full citations (fixes #20)
  • Added ‘tightlist’ framework to syllabus template

iheiddown 0.6.0

  • Set up testthat for package
  • Added advdate() for incrementing dates by week
    • Updated syllabus template for advdate()
    • Added test for advdate()
  • Added chicago-syllabus.csl
    • No more reliance on RefManageR
    • Imports citr, not strictly a dependence but highly recommended
    • No bibliography at end of document
    • Updated syllabus template for chicago-syllabus.csl
  • Using second-level numbering for subsections in syllabus template.tex
  • Added draft: true option in YAML
  • Added codecov checks to github actions .yml

iheiddown 0.5.1

  • Fixed front-matter/ error
  • Shortened thesis abstract
  • Elaborated thesis acknowledgements
  • Shortened thesis preface
    • Elaborated RMarkdown motivation in thesis preface
  • Renamed chapter 1 to 01-introduction.Rmd
    • Discusses markup and formatting
  • Renamed chapter 2 to 02-theory.Rmd
    • Discusses bibliographies and citations
  • Renamed chapter 3 to 03-method.Rmd
    • Discusses inline code and math
  • Renamed chapter 4 to 04-results.Rmd
    • Discusses data analysis and tables and figures
  • Added chapter 5 as 05-conclusion.Rmd
    • Discusses additional resources and next steps
  • Fixed references chapter title not appearing
  • Added bookdown::preview_chapter() YAML to each chapter

iheiddown 0.5.0

  • Fixed issue #13 related to bookdown v0.2.0
  • Fixed sectsty \underbar error
    • On thesis template
    • On syllabus template
  • Fixed empty bibliography issue
    • Moved thesis references chapter
    • Changed front-and-back-matter to just front-matter
  • Fixed ‘nobind’ global option issue
    • ‘oneside’ and ‘twoside’ remain as options
  • Simplified syllabus skeleton structure
  • Changed thesis output directory to ‘versions’
  • Added more informative filenames for thesis and syllabus outputs

iheiddown 0.4.0

  • Differentiated between PhD theses and masters dissertations in front pages
    • Breaking change: Note that you will now need to specify phd: true or phd: false in metadata
  • Added supervisor and second reader information to metadata, appear on first page
    • Added external examiner information to metadata, appears on first page for PhDs
  • Updates to pull request template

iheiddown 0.3.0

  • Added syllabus_pdf() function
  • Added syllabus template
    • Required sections: title, code, credits, year, semester, program, professor and TA details, course description
    • Optional sections: course aims, structure, materials, evaluation, policies
    • Body section for course schedule
  • Added skeleton files for syllabus
    • Includes auto week progression
    • Includes example citations

iheiddown 0.2.3

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Fixed double licensing
  • Added features section to README

iheiddown 0.2.0

  • Added better fonts
  • Added red links to citations and internal links
  • thesis_pdf() now runs on XeLaTeX
  • Some cleaning up of thesis template and skeleton

iheiddown 0.1.1

  • Added motivation to README

iheiddown 0.1.0

Major changes

  • Added thesis_pdf() function
  • Migrated template resources (.tex, .cls, .csl) from skeleton to function resources
  • Changed abbreviations from custom mclistof to abbrv
  • Removed thesisdown dependence
  • iheiddown_profile addin now defunct

Minor changes

  • Added iheiddown citation
  • Updated README for knit-based usage and issue-based development
  • Updated README with instructions for adapting the skeleton
  • Updated README with simplified installation and setup instructions
  • Updated logo
  • Minor YAML changes
  • Added issue/PR templates

iheiddown 0.0.1

  • Setup package project
  • Added MIT license
  • Added iheiddown.png logo
  • Added skeleton.Rmd and template.yaml
  • Added skeleton chapters drawn from thesisdown
  • Adapted Preface for iheiddown
  • Added chapters folder in skeleton to simplify project structure
  • Added template and class files drawn from oxforddown
  • Added SecretariatDocument.pdf placeholder to skeleton
  • Added all six title pages
  • Locating IHEID logo in skeleton files (figures/)
  • Added thesisno and department to metadata
  • Renamed abstract to resume in metadata to avoid internal templating conflicts
  • Added _bookdown.yml
  • Added iheiddown_profile addin
  • Removed html and word export options (for now)